I bought new yarn today. It’s pink. It seems that lately I’m obsessed with this colour. I have already made the pink-yellow cell phone pouch, pink hat, pink granny square bag, started the pink dress and now this new yarn that I bought. And these are the things that I have crocheted. The list of my lately bought pink things is long. Shoes (two pairs), snickers, bag, shirt, blouse…. The most interesting thing is that I never liked this colour. And now, I like it.

Today, I bought two balls of white yarn and two balls of pink yarn.

I have set my eyes on this pink yarn and I bought it.

I’m thinking of making a shawl. I have started this project and you can see the beginning of the shawl here. The shawl seems to be very soft and reminds me of a blanket.

Also, today I have received a lot of postcards. To be precise, six of them.