Today, I decided to treat myself with some new stuff. I just like spoiling myself and that’s why I bought two magazines.

The first one is a magazine called RAKAM. It’s written on Italian and it’s full of interesting crafty projects. There are instructions for different kinds of embroidery, and that’s the main purpose of this magazine, as I can see. But there are crochet projects inside, too.

I would like to crochet at least one of the bags, but I don’t have any yarn for them. They are marked as my future projects that are going to be made.

And the second magazine is this one that is called “Mani di Fata”.It says “Magazine for Ladies and Babies”. This magazine is also full of embroidery projects, but there are more knitting and crochet projects. There are some interesting knitted tops inside that got me interested.

On the cover you can see this beautiful crocheted bikini.I’m not sure that I would wear a crocheted bikini(because I don’t know how it’s gonna look like when it gets wet), but I would certainly transform it into a top. That’s something that I would definitely wear.

I’m not a kind of a person who likes to do embroidery, but there are some projects in these magazines that got me interested. Who knows? Maybe I will start doing them. Never say never 🙂 .

I don’t know the Italian language and I don’t know how that’s gonna work. I am hoping that dictionary will solve my problems.

And another thing, my grandma agreed to knit me a plain hat (Happy singing in my head). I love all of her knitted works, but I have trouble making her agree to knit, because she says that her hands are sore and they heart a lot from knitting. So, this time she agreed to to knit a hat, and I immediately bought beautiful and soft white yarn. I don’t have any picture of it now, but I will take one of the finished product.