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Look at the new earrings that I made. I’m very happy with the outcome.

First, Sunstone earrings (two pairs), one for me, and one for my friend Ole. And, pair of wooden earrings in the middle are also for my friend Ole.

There are four choices above. I will be making one pair of earrings and I can’t decide witch one. I’m waiting for Ole, aka my customer, to decide. These are red wooden beads that have flowers painted on them. They are so cute.

Maybe, you are wondering why so many earring to Ole? Well, It’s simple. She has a fetish, and her fetish are earrings. She is very happy with every pair of earrings that she gets from friends or those that she buys for herself. How can you not like making gifts for people like that?

These are the earrings that I gave her before.

This is my second trip to Ohrid this year. You can check out my previous trip here.

The weather was not good at all. It was raining all day. But that didn’t stop me from doing anything. I was sightseeing all day.

Every time I go somewhere, I try to buy jewelry that will make me remember the trip.

First, here are my Sunstone bracelet and earrings:

And second, these are my Tigers eye earrings and bracelet:

I don’t know anything about this materials and that’s why I did my homework. While I was surfing on the net I found out that Tiger’s eye stone is actually a semi-precious stone. Now, I’m even happier with my jewelry 🙂 .

I needed someplace to hang all my earrings. This way, my earrings are always available and the most important thing is that I always have the whole pair on one place. I don’t need to look for them in my jewelry box.

I made this earring for Ole . She loves wearing earrings.

za ole zvezda

I wanted to surprise her with a new pair and I think that she is gonna like them.

Get a look at this:


These are my earrings. I made them myself . I bought these glass beads from the store and I immediately fell in love in them. The colour is rose but there is also some yellow thing on them and they kind of change the colour. The price was a little too big if you ask me but I don’t mind because I absolutely love them.

I’m wearing them proudly. These are the best earrings that I have made so far.