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I have joined Swap-Bot! I have already joined 3 swaps, and completed 2 of them. I specially like the “Quick Christmas Postcard Swap”. At first I thought of buying postcards. But, then I decided to make my own postcards. Here is one of the postcard that I sent to it’s recipient:

And finally I have bought new computer for me. I like my new 19″ screen. I’m so happy. This is my new friend:

And with buying new computer I bought Flash Drive as well. I immediately crocheted a pouch for it.It is so small that I can say that I didn’t even spend yarn for it.

I have finally received my swap scarf. The swap was organized on the craft forum “Stvaram” for Croatian speaking ladies. I can’t speak Croatian very well, but I can certainly understand it well and also my father is a Croat. So, I think that in some way this makes me part of these ladies/women.

I was anxious to see my new scarf and to see who was knitting mine. It couldn’t be better. This scarf is knitted by Goce. I think that she is a great woman. She has 3x years, four kids and she still has time to do a lot of knitting, crocheting and other crafts.

As for the scarf, I must admit that I am not brave enough to wear scarfs that are too colorful. But this one it’s just perfect and it has grown on me. I love it. It is very soft and I appreciate it even more because I can’t knit .

Look at me ! I’m in my pajamas and I have my new scarf on me. This scarf brings joy in me . I love it. THANK YOU, GORDANA!

After a lot of riping, I finally finished it. I don’t know how to knit so a friend of mine knitted the cables for me.

I thought that it was going to be easy doing the rest. I had a lot of trouble crocheting the top of the bag and the handles.

Finally this cable bag is finished it’s ready for use.

The other day, I remembered an old project and immediately started crocheting it again. First it should of been a bikini. Then I thought that it would be better that I use it to make a summer dress. And now, finally it’s going to be a top.

I’m very happy how this top is turning out.

At the lower part of this top I’m crocheting some kind of an afghan stitch and so far it looks even better than I imagined that it would be.

I’m continuing with my obsession of pink. This time I have crocheted myself a hat. I’m calling it The Crocheted Stripe Hat.

I have noticed that hats are a great way to use yarn leftovers.

I just hope that this will be my last pink project. I’m off to the store for buying myself new yarn. This time I am thinking black or maybe white, I’m still not sure.

My mom needed new cell phone pouch and I was happy to crochet one for her. And how can you not like giving gifts to someone who appreciates handmade gifts?

I have used a silver thread and I absolutely loved working with it. This silver thread looks very fancy and elegant at the same time. I’m thinking of making a silver bag using this same thread.

You can see that I have added one crocheted flower.

By the way, my mom adores this pouch. She immediately showed it to everyone at work and friends. She is very happy and proud of me when I crochet something for her.

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