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I have finally received my swap scarf. The swap was organized on the craft forum “Stvaram” for Croatian speaking ladies. I can’t speak Croatian very well, but I can certainly understand it well and also my father is a Croat. So, I think that in some way this makes me part of these ladies/women.

I was anxious to see my new scarf and to see who was knitting mine. It couldn’t be better. This scarf is knitted by Goce. I think that she is a great woman. She has 3x years, four kids and she still has time to do a lot of knitting, crocheting and other crafts.

As for the scarf, I must admit that I am not brave enough to wear scarfs that are too colorful. But this one it’s just perfect and it has grown on me. I love it. It is very soft and I appreciate it even more because I can’t knit .

Look at me ! I’m in my pajamas and I have my new scarf on me. This scarf brings joy in me . I love it. THANK YOU, GORDANA!

After a lot of riping, I finally finished it. I don’t know how to knit so a friend of mine knitted the cables for me.

I thought that it was going to be easy doing the rest. I had a lot of trouble crocheting the top of the bag and the handles.

Finally this cable bag is finished it’s ready for use.

A friend of mine can knit. She always gives me some of her works as a present. She even lets me choose the colour and the yarn. The last thing that I got from her is this blue vest. Blue is one of my favourite colours.

You can see the pattern here:

tetka sneze elece plavo pattern

The front view:

od tetka sneze plavo elece

And a view from the side:

tetka sneze elece plavo od strana gledano

tetka sneze plavo elece od strana1

As you can see the front side and the back side are not sewn properly. I have to do that my self with my sewing machine.