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I have joined Swap-Bot! I have already joined 3 swaps, and completed 2 of them. I specially like the “Quick Christmas Postcard Swap”. At first I thought of buying postcards. But, then I decided to make my own postcards. Here is one of the postcard that I sent to it’s recipient:

And finally I have bought new computer for me. I like my new 19″ screen. I’m so happy. This is my new friend:

And with buying new computer I bought Flash Drive as well. I immediately crocheted a pouch for it.It is so small that I can say that I didn’t even spend yarn for it.

We will always love you !

You’ll be forever in my heart.

Tose Proeski

This is my second trip to Ohrid this year. You can check out my previous trip here.

The weather was not good at all. It was raining all day. But that didn’t stop me from doing anything. I was sightseeing all day.

Every time I go somewhere, I try to buy jewelry that will make me remember the trip.

First, here are my Sunstone bracelet and earrings:

And second, these are my Tigers eye earrings and bracelet:

I don’t know anything about this materials and that’s why I did my homework. While I was surfing on the net I found out that Tiger’s eye stone is actually a semi-precious stone. Now, I’m even happier with my jewelry 🙂 .

Tomorrow I’m going on a vacation. It is going to be a long one – a month. And the destination-Croatia.

Finally, I will be able to swim all day, read books and relax .


Dear blog friends,

see you when I get back.

These days I have been trying to finally learn the Tunisian crochet. It turned out that Tunisian crochet is a whole new world. There are different kinds of Tunisian crochet and I only tried the basic one.

For the Tunisian crochet you need a special hook-longer than the regular one. You start with a forward row by making loops on the hook. Now it looks like you are knitting.

Then you are doing the reverse row by working the loops off the hook. There are a lot of free instructions on the net for Tunisian crochet.You can go to the Crochet Pattern Central, Stitch Diva Studio, video tutorials at nexstitch and lots of others.

And here are the strawberries from my garden.They are very tasty and delicious.

There’s something wrong with my internet conection.Or should I say no internet conection. And that’s why I haven’t been reading the blogs that I usualy had been reading.

Anyway, joop  send me post stamps from Australia. Thank you joop!

Here they are:

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