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There’s something wrong with my internet conection.Or should I say no internet conection. And that’s why I haven’t been reading the blogs that I usualy had been reading.

Anyway, joop  send me post stamps from Australia. Thank you joop!

Here they are:

I seem to be getting a lot of mail these days. Today It is a postcard from Rio de Janeiro!

razglednica od rio de rio de janeiro-brazil

And the envelope was stamped with this interesting stamp (sorry for the blurry picture):

marka od brazil so cistac na konduri

First I found birds in the garden , then I received the postcard from Virginia . And today I received a letter from Croatia. The letter was stamped with these stamps:

marki hrvatska

And inside of the letter? Hundreds of post stamps with fauna on them.

marki fauna

Here are some of them.

Little birds from Poland:

marka polska pilinja

Penguin from Poland:

marka polska pingvin

Butterfly from Australia:

marka avstralija peperutka

And lots of other stamps that I’m not able to show you.

Recently I have been meeting people on the web that collect postcards!

My first card arrived yesterday! It’s from Cape Henry, Virginia Beach-USA

Here it is:

razglednica virginia beach

It also had these lovely post stamps with Super Heroes : Superman and Wonder woman.

super zena i superman

As a response I send him this postcard from Skopje, Macedonia.


The postcard shows the Millennium Cross, the Kale Fortress, The stone bridge, The city church and Matka Lake.

I collect post stamps

mace peperutkaaspx.jpg

I collect all of the stamps that are issued from my country Macedonia.

I have stamps from other countries but my favourites stamps are those that have animals on them. I also like my collections with Nikola Tesla . He is my favourite scientist.


So, If anyone want’s to swap with me, feel free to write to me.