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I bought new yarn today. It’s pink. It seems that lately I’m obsessed with this colour. I have already made the pink-yellow cell phone pouch, pink hat, pink granny square bag, started the pink dress and now this new yarn that I bought. And these are the things that I have crocheted. The list of my lately bought pink things is long. Shoes (two pairs), snickers, bag, shirt, blouse…. The most interesting thing is that I never liked this colour. And now, I like it.

Today, I bought two balls of white yarn and two balls of pink yarn.

I have set my eyes on this pink yarn and I bought it.

I’m thinking of making a shawl. I have started this project and you can see the beginning of the shawl here. The shawl seems to be very soft and reminds me of a blanket.

Also, today I have received a lot of postcards. To be precise, six of them.

Using my pattern for the flower granny square I made lots of squares and joined them making this bag:

Joining squares is not something that I would do everyday.I don’t like it. But it was worth doing it when I saw how the bag turn out to be very cute.

Yesterday, I bought new crochet hooks for Tunisian crochet. Look how long they are. You get to think that they are knitting needles.

I just love the colours. All my crochet hooks are aluminium and all of they are grey. Plain and doll, don’t you think? And these look refreshing to me!

And something else I bought : My new wallet – pink one with flowers.

I received new postcard. It’s from San Juan Capistran -USA.

I received this postcard from Magrit. It’s from Belgrade.

Thank you, Magrit.

My first receaved post card from postcrossing.

It is from Bayreuth, Germany.

I seem to be getting a lot of mail these days. Today It is a postcard from Rio de Janeiro!

razglednica od rio de rio de janeiro-brazil

And the envelope was stamped with this interesting stamp (sorry for the blurry picture):

marka od brazil so cistac na konduri

Recently I have been meeting people on the web that collect postcards!

My first card arrived yesterday! It’s from Cape Henry, Virginia Beach-USA

Here it is:

razglednica virginia beach

It also had these lovely post stamps with Super Heroes : Superman and Wonder woman.

super zena i superman

As a response I send him this postcard from Skopje, Macedonia.


The postcard shows the Millennium Cross, the Kale Fortress, The stone bridge, The city church and Matka Lake.