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I have seen this projects at Ljerka’s blog . She made a yarn container. Having a Yarn container is good and very useful thing. First, your yarn will never get dirty or it won’t tangle.

I have used an old plastic container. Previously this container had spices in it. I have a lot of this containers, so that means that I can do different yarn containers for me and friends.

I have glued a ribbon on the lid. Maybe I shouldn’t of done that because it looks pretty without the ribbon, but I wanted to add my personal touch on it.

And if the yarn balls are smaller the container can keep two balls. That’s why I have drilled two holes on the lid.

Recycling is a very good thing. You get rid of the thins that you don’t need and by recycling them you get to create new more useful things.

bela zavesa

This is actually my first crocheted work and at the same time I was learning to crochet.

I can proudly say that I learned to crochet on my own. I bought a book about crochet and started to crochet.

This is a curtain for my door that leads to the terrace. It was made 3 years ago.I didn’t have any yarn so I started to crochet using plastic bags from the grocery shop.

It’s not finished yet but one day it’s gonna be finished.


I don’t have a better picture for now but I’m gonna add a better one when I can.