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You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting for two weeks. Why? Because it’s too hot here, that I can’t do anything. It’s 40 degrees in my house.

The weather is not the only thing that’s bothering me these days. I have to study for my exams, too. I always end up asking myself when I’m gonna finish this damn college! Don’t get me wrong, I love my college and everything about it, but I’m getting to think that this stage of my life will never end. And I can’t wait to finish it. I’m ready for new things, people!

And that’s why today I’m showing you two bags that I had previously sewed. First one is this beautiful pink bag that I absolutely adore.


And next, is this black messenger bag. This bag was great when I was using it to cary my books to college. I personally think that the fabric is gorgeous and it’s kind of a disco fabric if you know what I mean.


Here’s my new bag. It’s pink and linen.

Maybe the handles are are not placed on the right place. I should of put them a little closer, but I don’t mind.

This is a very simple tote bag. I’m adding a crocheted or sewed flower later on for the final touch.

This is a denim bag that I sewed a couple of months ago. I used my old jeans and a ribbon. I got the idea for doing this bag by looking at a fashion magazine.

I have a lot of old jeans just sitting in my house and waiting to be used. Another bag-pouch that I made is this one:

For this one I also used my old jeans, but this time I have used the part of the jeans with the pockets. This way I didn’t have to sew additional pockets.

You can see that the inside of this pocket on the next picture. And yes, this pouch is not lined. I don’t think that I would be lining it, because this is not my thing. I now that this way the pouch looks unfinished but I don’t mind cause I ‘m the only one that will be looking inside 🙂