We will always love you !

You’ll be forever in my heart.

Tose Proeski


This is my second trip to Ohrid this year. You can check out my previous trip here.

The weather was not good at all. It was raining all day. But that didn’t stop me from doing anything. I was sightseeing all day.

Every time I go somewhere, I try to buy jewelry that will make me remember the trip.

First, here are my Sunstone bracelet and earrings:

And second, these are my Tigers eye earrings and bracelet:

I don’t know anything about this materials and that’s why I did my homework. While I was surfing on the net I found out that Tiger’s eye stone is actually a semi-precious stone. Now, I’m even happier with my jewelry 🙂 .

I’m continuing with my obsession of pink. This time I have crocheted myself a hat. I’m calling it The Crocheted Stripe Hat.

I have noticed that hats are a great way to use yarn leftovers.

I just hope that this will be my last pink project. I’m off to the store for buying myself new yarn. This time I am thinking black or maybe white, I’m still not sure.

My mom needed new cell phone pouch and I was happy to crochet one for her. And how can you not like giving gifts to someone who appreciates handmade gifts?

I have used a silver thread and I absolutely loved working with it. This silver thread looks very fancy and elegant at the same time. I’m thinking of making a silver bag using this same thread.

You can see that I have added one crocheted flower.

By the way, my mom adores this pouch. She immediately showed it to everyone at work and friends. She is very happy and proud of me when I crochet something for her.

I just can’t find my crochet hooks. They are lost somewhere in my room. I have to stop losing my hooks . That’s why I have crocheted myself a hook case. Well, it’s not some kind of fancy case, but it will do.

I had a little trouble crocheting the flower that I used it as a button, but at the end I think  it turned out well.

These are the hooks that I have left now. I’m buying new ones these days.

I am back, people!

My summer vacation is over and I’m back home now.

Croatia is a beautiful country. I had the chance to visit my relatives there and also I relaxed a lot (that means swimming and sunbathing). And the not so good part of my vacation is that Me and my family were working at our house.


I had my crochet kit with me there so I can crochet a little bit, but I didn’t even touch the crochet hook. I wasn’t in the mood for that. This year I was reading books. I was on the beach all day and enjoying the view. You can see my beach bag here:


This bag is a gift from a friend and I love it very much. As I’m looking at it, I can see that this is an interesting crocheted technique. It’s not crocheting with a wire but is crocheting on a wire.

Tomorrow I’m going on a vacation. It is going to be a long one – a month. And the destination-Croatia.

Finally, I will be able to swim all day, read books and relax .


Dear blog friends,

see you when I get back.